China's Largest Electronics Show Opens in Qingdao

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The opening ceremony of the 2016 China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) was held at the Qingdao International Convention Center on July 7, according to

The "Unbounded Creativeness, for an Intelligent Future" show is a four-day event which has attracted more 200 enterprises, displaying their latest high-tech products in the 30,000-square-meter exhibition area. More than 120 purchasers from 40 countries and regions area expected to attend the show.

The exhibitors come from various fields in the consumer electronics industry, including global Internet giants, traditional manufacturers, innovative industry platforms for mobile Internet and intelligent hardware, as well as new firms specializing in virtual reality (VR).

At the show, visitors can admire a wide range of the latest technologies, ranging from smart homes, intelligent robots, 3-D printing, and VR.

In addition, the organizers will hold a robot design competition, 3-D printing festival, an innovation contest and forums.

Anyone who signs up to the official website: or via the official Wechat account “SINOCES-CN” can collect a card to visit the show for free.

An array of robots dance in the 2016 China International Consumer Electronics Show held in Qingdao International Convention Center on July 7.

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