International Edible Fungi Expo to be Held in Zoucheng

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The press conference of China Edible Fungi Industry Conference and International Edible Fungi Expo in Shandong was held in Beijing on Feb. 24. (Photo/

The press conference of China Edible Fungi Industry Conference and International Edible Fungi Expo in Shandong was held in Beijing on Feb. 24. Zhao Hongxin, vice mayor of Zoucheng attended the meeting and briefed the preparations of the conference and the general conditions of Zoucheng county-level city. 40 media including were invited to attend the conference.

Jointly hosted by China Edible Fungi Association and Jining Municipal People’s Government, the Industry Conference and Expo will be held in Zoucheng International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 7 to 9. Zoucheng, the hometown of Mencius, is the organizer of the event.

An array of activities is set to take place, such as lectures on edible fungi and health, the awarding ceremony for person of the year and the annual event, the annual meeting of the executive committee of International Fungi Association, spring fairs and the “little mushroom, big industry” health tour. The conference will give a complete analysis of the development situation of the industry at home and abroad, discuss the development trend and showcase the latest R&D achievements and outstanding industrial modes. Zoucheng strives to push forward the supply-side reform as well as the transformation and upgrading of the edible fungi industry, hoping to comprehensively enlarge the influence of “Zoucheng Mushroom”and build the brand of “No. 1 city of China’s edible fungi”.

Started in 1980s, the edible fungi industry in Zoucheng has transformed from famers’ scattered planting to intensive production, from the planting of one single kind of fungi to that of various kinds, and from seasonal production to annual production. Thanks to over thirty years’ development, the fungi industry here is developing towards scale production, reasonable regional layout, high quality, diversification of varieties and internationalization.

China’s first experts workstation for international mushroom society was set up in Zoucheng in 2015. As of today, Zoucheng boasts over twenty edible fungi enterprises including Jisheng Food, Youhe and Changshengyua, which together cover a planting area of 12.96 million square meters. With an annual output of 260,000 tons of fresh mushrooms, the fungi industry generates a production value of over two billion yuan.

Today, Zoucheng has become a provincial and national model city of efficient, green and circular development in agriculture. It has been awarded such honorary titles as advanced city of national edible fungi production, model city of national edible fungi industrial construction and China’s top 10 major fungi production bases.

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