Ren Shaoguo:National Auto Brands Brace New Retail Era

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We were astounded to see Ren Shaoguo, the Chairman of the Board of Konzen Auto Group, when we met him for the first time. We’ve never thought he was such an energetic young man.

As of Ren’s success, there is no legendary story, but it is very inspirational. He had tried various kinds of jobs but all ended in failure until the establishment of Konzen Auto Group (Konzen) when he was 35 years old.

In daily life, Ren Shaoguo is very natural and spontaneous. He will be the first to sing in the company’s annual meeting. He is always ready to help those who are in difficulty. He is also a good son to his parents, good father to his children and good husband to his wife. The thing that he tells his employees most is to be a decent man when you do things.

The company is lucky to have a leader like him.


Since its establishment five years ago, the company has been committed to providing innovative comprehensive service, creating new marketing model and new industrial value, sticking to the business personality featuring common development, common construction and win-win situation and the pragmatic, upright, honest and professional integrity, despite the changeable auto market. Led by Ren Shaoguo, Konze has made remarkable progress through strengthening management, seizing opportunities and innovating the way of operating.

With the implementation of the Administrative Regulations on Automobile Sales, Konzen grasped the chance to construct a sharing, economical and socialized network of auto sales and after-sales service and has grown to a leading brand of auto supermarket chains in the industry.

By the end of 2016, Konzen has established more than 100 car stores in 28 provinces and preparatory offices in over 300 cities. The company’s goal is to increase the number of car stores to 500 this year and 2000 by 2020 to cover all county-level cities in China and provide one-stop comprehensive service for people in buying and maintaining cars.


“I have tried to run it through the new marketing mode, a mode of auto supermarket chains at the very beginning of the establishment of our company,” said Ren Shaoguo.

When running the company, Ren took some lesson from the business mode of Suning Group. “People all want to achieve success in some areas. I have been looking for opportunities after the failure of my last business. Finally, I found a great opportunity and potential in the auto industry,” he said. Suning is definitely a giant in household appliance industry, but there is no such mode in the auto industry. Supermarket mode must be an effective method of commodity circulation and cost saving.

That’s what Ren wanted to do and then Konzen came into being. Apart from automobile sales, Konzen has also paid great attention to the auto aftermarket so as to provide car owners with one-stop comprehensive service. Konzen has broken the traditional operating model of Chinese auto market.


“If you want the company survives, the only way is to maximize the value for customers, offer them high-quality service, meet their demands and serve them wholeheartedly. This is also the fundamental starting point of Konzen,” said Ren Shaoguo.

For Ren, the spirit of craftsman should be used in serving the people and the connotation of the spirit of serving the people should be applied in the construction of corporate culture and in every sector of the business operation.

Ren Shaoguo believes only high-quality service could help company win the trust of customers and create its value.


Another reason for Konzen’s success is that it has fulfilled its social responsibility. Ren said the social responsibility can be divided into two types: one is to provide safe and reliable products to customers and more jobs to society; the other is to do public good welfare with some business revenue.

Over the past five years, Konzen has become a big tax-payer, created thousands of job opportunities, and donated near ten million yuan for public good.

Konzen will continue to undertake more social responsibility, strive to complete the comprehensive auto service platform and serve the nation.

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