Shinan Software Park

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The First-stage Project

The first-stage of the Software Park covers an area of 126,000 square meters with a planning construction area of 260,000 square meters. More than 200,000 square meters have been put into use. More than 4,000 R&D personnel in over 200 enterprises have settled down in the Park including Microsoft, IBM, Yonyon and Inspur.

An aerial view of the first-stage project

Part of the first-stage project

A series of technology platforms have set up such as the public technology, software and hardware resources platform, digital animation technology platform, labs for 3D animation production, editing and composition, IDC and three-database platform.

Such programs have been launched as the “wanqianbai” software talent cultivation program, practical training program for 1.5-degree software talents to train pragmatic and versatile professional talents.

Shinan Software Park takes measures to widen the financing channels for enterprises in the park, especially the middle and small-sized ones, to ease their financial burden. Meanwhile, the Park encourages and helps them to apply for funding supports at all levels.

Investment and guarantee agencies have been founded to provide financial support for enterprises in the park through the financing security service system.

Middle and small-sized enterprise incubators and venture capital fund have been established in the park. Investment companies such as IDG and Sequoia Capital have settled down in the park.

Qingdao is within two hours flight from major Japanese and South Korean cities. Entry-exit passengers to Japan and the ROK from Qingdao Airport rank the second and fifth in China respectively

Over 1,600 Japanese companies have opened branches in Qingdao including World Top 500 enterprises such as ITOCHU, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, Nissho Iwai and Marubeni. And nearly 3,000 Japanese live and work in Qingdao for a long time.

The second-stage project

The second-stage project covers a planning floor area of around 100,000 square meters and a planning construction area of 115,000 square meters. It contains five R&D buildings, with a greening rate of 46 percent and a building density of 30 percent.

 An aerial view of the second-stage project

Aoshan Park

With a planning area of 10 square kilometers, 2.7 square kilometers of Aoshan Park has been put into use. It is engaged in businesses such as IT application and development towards Japan, IT application and development and call center service towards South Korea, integrated circuit R&D outsourcing and design, and BPO business toward Europe and America.

In 2007, the first production line for analog six-inch chip in Shandong started to build and was put into production in the same year. Factories of wafer, package and lithography were set up with the implementation of the industrial cluster development plan.

School of Software and Microelectronics, the first professional school in Qingdao started to recruit in 2008. It is set to be an independent college with nearly ten thousand students and committed to the cultivation of profession talents, who are expected to meet the demand of the rapid development of the software and integrate circuit industry.

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